The "magic" of aluminum foil roll paper in the kitchen

Release date: 2019/7/11 10:30:30  Click volume: 947
In short, aluminum foil products are processed using aluminum foil as the material, and aluminum foil roll paper is one of the more typical representatives in the meantime. As we all know, aluminum foil products have been used to varying degrees in various industries in modern times. Among them, the catering industry is widely used and the effect is more prominent. This can be clearly seen from the "magic use" of aluminum foil in the kitchen. See it out. The following is a brief introduction by the manufacturers of tin paper boxes, aluminum foil lunch boxes and aluminum foil rolls to the "wonderful use" of aluminum foil products represented by aluminum foil roll paper in the kitchen.

Abrasives. When it comes to kitchen supplies, we often think of cooking utensils in the first place, and the cooking utensils mainly refer to knives and pots. As for kitchen utensils, passivation is often common and one of the more headaches. In response to this problem, we can use the throw away unnecessary aluminum foil products for useful treatment. The first is to repeatedly cut aluminum foil products with a knife, and use the friction between the product and the blade to make the knife sharpen at the beginning.

dry. In daily life, it is often encountered that snacks need to be sealed when they are half eaten to prevent water from softening. At this time, you can choose an aluminum foil roll paper to tightly wrap the mouth of the snack bag and then fold it. Use the aluminum foil roll paper for resistance. Come to adhere to the seal of the bag mouth, so as to reach the intention of keeping dry.

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