How to properly use aluminum foil containers in a microwave oven

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Performance of aluminum foil container in microwave oven: ensure outstanding and uniform heat transfer; can be used in traditional ovens and microwave ovens; can be used for grilling; protect food from scorching; suitable for refrigerated, frozen and fresh food packaging; Heating on the package; safe, hygienic, and reliable. Containers heated at high temperature will not spill harmful substances to contaminate food; this is not possible with any disposable container.

The following tin carton, aluminum foil lunch box and aluminum foil roll manufacturers talk about how to properly use aluminum foil containers in microwave ovens?

(1) The aluminum foil container must be filled with food. If not filled, there is danger of scorching.

(2) Remove the aluminum foil cover at any time, otherwise the food will not be heated. If food has to be covered, use a plate or microwave-adhesive film.

(3) Do not remember that metal and metal cannot touch each other. The container should not touch the furnace wall, door or bottom, or other metal parts. Otherwise, the generated arc may damage the microwave oven. Together, don't use plates with gold and silver trim.

(4) Aluminum foil containers should always be spaced 2 cm apart from the furnace wall, or other aluminum foil containers. For example, aluminum foil containers can be placed on porcelain plates.

(5) Increase cooking and heating time by about 10%, because food absorbs microwaves from above.

(6) Do not use bent or damaged aluminum foil containers, and do not reuse aluminum foil containers. Please clean and update before use.

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